I am Pagan with an interest in Dragons. I am also interested in Herbs and Candle Magick. I am not studying any path at this time, however am interested in Wiccan and Celtic history. I do plan on pursuing my interest in Dragons and possibly doing some Dragon Magick at some point.

I am also interested in sweat lodges and doing sweats. This was where I saw my first Dragon and hope that he will visit me again.

I am interested in adding more information about dragons as I see them and as time permits me to do the research. Anyone that wants to help make this site grow by providing information, art, links, or whatever as long as it is about dragons will be welcomed. Send email and I will do my best to answer it in a timely fashion. Please be considerate and establish email contact before sending files. Since I get files and pictures from others and from different places if you find anything on this page you feel is copyrighted please let me know and if possible who I can contact about it. I will be glad to add a link to your page if is is about dragons or pagans and if you will link to mine. Send url and I will add it to my page. If you see a picture and know who the author is contact me and let me know and I will list them with the picture.

I have just got this setup with a new host and having some issues getting things setup. Please be patient while I try to figure them out and get everything back working.

And Ye Harm None
Blessed Be


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