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Joe's Home Page

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I am a Senior Product Support Representative for AST Computers. I am also a beta tester for several major corporations in the computer industry. I enjoy working with computers and programs. I was a Windows 95 Alpha and Beta tester, currently I am a Member of ClubWin, and a member of ClubIE. My hobby is computers. I am President of a local computer club MCTRUG.

This is a scan of a ticket from the Windows 95 Launch event held August 24, 1995 in Redmond, Washington. I was there because as an official Windows 95 Alpha and Beta tester I was invited to attend the official launch. While there I met lots of other beta testers that I had worked with in the Beta forums on Compuserve. I also got to meet some of the Microsoft personel that I had worked with during the beta. Even got to see some of my friends that used to work and live in Texas.

At the end of the beta testing of Windows 95 I volunteered for the ClubWin support team for Windows 95. Through the years I have spent many hours trying to help other users on Compuserve, other beta testers and friends understand and get more enjoyment from Windows.

This site will be under construction and reconstruction all the time. If you don't see pictures where you think they should be don't worry it's probably because I haven't decided what I want there.

Check out what is happening with Microsoft.

To see some of Jim's published articles select either site. One is comic chat for 95.

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